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Mission, Vision & Values

At STERIS, we help our customers create a healthier and safer world by providing innovative healthcare and life science product and service solutions around the globe.

That simple statement and singular mission has been the focus of our people and our company since it was first articulated by STERIS founder Bill Sanford more than 20 years ago.

Mission, vision and values statements, like many things in life, are what we make them. They are only words. We believe it is up to our people us to make these words a living and breathing description of who we are, what we do, how we will act, and what we aspire to become. Our mission, vision, and values define what makes us special…makes us unique…makes us STERIS. We believe can make a difference.

Inspired by our Customers’ efforts to create a healthier and safer world, and guided by our legacy of leadership and innovation, we strive to be a Great Company. To STERIS, this means we will make a difference by providing world-class products and service solutions for our Customers, safe and rewarding work for our People, and superior returns for our Shareholders.

Our Vision and Values

Customers first - always

Our Customer is the most important person in our business and is to always be treated with the utmost respect. No business activity other than safety, is more important than listening, learning, and providing superior product and service solutions to our Customers.


Integrity – stewardship commitment

We are stewards of the long-term success of our business – we create superior value for our people and our shareholders. We are trustworthy and honest, and carry out our work in a professional, ethical and legal manner. We challenge actions inconsistent with our values.


Teamwork – winning together

We believe unity of purpose and teamwork enables us to do far more than we could individually. We draw strength from each other and communicate with fairness, candor, respect, and courage – respectfully stating what we think even if it is unpopular. Our collaboration turns interesting ideas into great product and service solutions.


People – the foundation

We are committed to the safety and success of our people. We expect the performance of every person to continually improve with personal initiative and proper support. We treat each other with mutual respect and have fun in our work.


Accountability – right now

We say what we mean, and we honor our commitments. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our results. We prefer action today versus tomorrow. We understand that value is created in our product development centers, our factories and at our Customer’s sites.


Innovation - the best

We are leaders, not followers. Our company is built on a collection of innovative ideas and a passion for continuous improvement. We challenge the status quo and take measured risks, exploring big and small ideas that improve our quality, delivery and cost performance daily. We provide meaningful value to our Customers with our product and service solutions.