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What We Do

Sterile Processing & Flexible Endoscopy Solutions

STERIS Instrument Processing (IP) Solutions provide a continuum of Customer solutions from Professional Services Assessments to Offsite Reprocessing. Below is a brief description of sterile processing solutions.

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Professional Services

STERIS Professional Services provides consulting and process improvement solutions to assist our Customer’s sterile processing departments (SPDs) achieve 100% Clean, 100% Sterilized, and 100% On-Time instrumentation, while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our services include:

  • Clinical / Regulatory Assessment: Keeping you survey-ready and clinically compliant
  • Operational Systems Assessment: Ensures the management team is documenting and achieving set performance expectations
  • Staffing Assessment: Determines staffing requirements and an operational plan, both based on established metrics
  • Capacity Assessment: Identifies space, equipment and staffing capacity requirements
  • System Strategy / Feasibility Study: Provides systemwide options for sterile processing solutions. These options range from improving the current space and operations to implementing Off-Site Reprocessing solutions
  • Process Improvement: Measured and documented on-site operational performance improvements, including leadership development and long-term sustainability

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Onsite Solutions: Interim

Onsite Solutions are designed to support our Customers by providing:

  • SPD Leaders to include directors, managers, and supervisors, to ensure continuity of service and to mentor our Customers as applicable
  • Customized Education programs through both dedicated clinical educators as well as web-based IAHCSMM, CBSPD, and CFER certification readiness training
  • OR Liaisons to improve communication and collaboration between OR and SPD, as well as gather and report key quality indicators that impact both departments
  • Staffing teams to support both weekday processing demands as well as weekend emergency processing to help alleviate our Customers’ unprocessed tray burdens
  • Project Specialists who focus on key projects/initiatives designed to improve efficiency, quality, and workflow. Projects include but are not limited to: Lean initiatives, tray/count sheet inventory and reconciliation, asset management, and tray QA / audit teams

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Onsite Solutions: Long-term

  • Leadership Contracts – STERIS will assume full responsibility for all leadership on all shifts while also providing:
    • Education / certification
    • OR liaison implementation
    • Asset management
    • Process improvement
  • Flexible Endoscopy Contracts – STERIS Flexible Endoscopy Programs were developed in response to the growing media / regulatory scrutiny around HLD / Flexible endoscopy as well as the fragmented processes that often exist in this area. STERIS can provide teams to assume full accountability of this process to include: leak testing, cleaning, inspection, reprocessing, storage, verification audits, quality management, and facilitation of repairs
  • Minimally Invasive Scope Procedure Contracts – STERIS teams provide vendor-neutral services including room setup, in-room troubleshooting, room breakdown, and full sterile processing accountability for supported cases such as laparoscopy, arthroscopy, and cystoscopy.

Long-term Onsite Solutions often include vendor neutral capital equipment, device / scope repair, and device replacement at a “per scope / procedure fee.”

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Mobile Sterile Processing

The Mobile Sterile Processing Unit is a fully integrated mobile SPD which allows for a turnkey process to continually support the OR without disruption during hospital construction, renovation, or expansion.

STERIS has the largest fleet of dedicated Mobile SPDs and has the expertise to guide you every step of the way. Each Mobile SPD is designed to be fully compliant with Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI), The Joint Commission (TJC), American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 170, California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) and Canadian Standards.

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In response to aging infrastructure, limited space, and the overwhelming staffing / HR burden facing Sterile Processing, STERIS can provide Outsourcing Services, including:

  • Onsite Outsourcing – in addition to the leadership contract, STERIS can assume full responsibility and accountability for the daily processing demands and Sterile Processing Department ancillary functions (i.e. case cart prep, DME cleaning, etc.)
  • Offsite Outsourcing – from department renovation needs to long-term Offsite Reprocessing Centers (ORCs), STERIS is prepared to meet the urgent and strategic needs of our Customers.

This approach allows us to meet the unique needs of some customers who request a combination of on-site outsourcing services while sending key specialties, vendor trays, etc. off-site.

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As a stand-alone solution, or as a means of ensuring the STERIS standards remain in place post contract, we offer our Customers sustainability solutions to promote connectivity to our people and our processes. This Intellectual Property includes but is not limited to: over 120 AAMI-compliant Standard Operating Procedures, Guidance Statements, Assessment and Competency Documents, and Visual Cues. Sustainability solutions also include bi-annual compliance audits to ensure regulatory readiness.

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Navigating your surgical inventory

SynergyTrak® is a cloud based application that provides intuitive insight for your sterilisation cycle of surgical instruments and endoscopes in real-time. Customers have full access to the capabilities SynergyTrak® has to offer at any time of day or night via our intuitive platforms be that: desktop, tablet or via our app for smartphones.



Is your facility land-locked and in need of more resources? STERIS IMS offers off-site sterile reprocessing with the convenience of a pick-up and delivery service.



SynergyTrak® Instrument Tracking Software lets you track your instruments every step of the way, promoting quality, improving turnaround time, and reducing costs.



What’s really going on in your Sterile Processing Department? Measurable data can tell the story. With STERIS IMS assessments, programs, and KPIs, your facility can improve regulatory compliance, decrease errors, and increase staff satisfaction.

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