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VerifEye™ Borescope – Your Eyes on the Inside

Regulations are getting tougher and caseloads are increasing. Sound familiar?

These factors are causing bottlenecks in reprocessing departments in facilities everywhere. Is your facility feeling the extra pressure to ensure devices and instruments are clean in a timely manner? The STERIS IMS VerifEye™ borescope is here to help.

The VerifEye™ borescope is a waterproof and soakable inspection unit that allows you to examine the full length of each lumen inside of your power devices, instruments, flexible scopes, and more. Any HD monitor can be used to view its high resolution visualization of previously inaccessible areas. This allows you to inspect and take necessary corrective action, if needed, before your next procedure.

Are you curious to get your eyes on the VerifEye borescope? We offer demos so that you not only get your eyes on the VerifEye™ borescope, but your hands as well. The VerifEye™ borescope can be demoed by a STERIS IMS team member at your facility so that you and your team are able to inspect your own equipment’s lumens.

To schedule a live demo, please email us at and an Account Manager will contact you with more information.