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The VerifEye® Video Borescope Just Got Better

Stop guessing what’s inside your devices. The VerifEye® Video Borescope, helping to prevent contamination.

The VerifEye® Video Borescope Just Got Better

The VerifEye® video borescope

The VerifEye® is now validated to be compatible with:

  • STERIS V-PRO® 1 Standard Cycle
  • STERIS V-PRO®  1 Plus Lumen and Non-Lumen Cycles;
  • STERIS V-PRO® maX Lumen/Non-Lumen/Flexible Cycles
  • STERIS V-PRO®  maX2 Lumen/Non-Lumen/Flexible/Fast Non-Lumen Cycles
  • STERIS V-PRO® 60 Lumen/Non-Lumen/Flexible Cycles
  • STERIS V-PRO® s2 Lumen/Non-Lumen/Flexible/Fast Cycles
  • STERIS SYSTEM 1E® Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System
  • STERIS SYSTEM 1® endo Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System

Now verified waterproof:

  • The VerifEye® Video Borescope Inspection Unit is rated IPx7 (protected against temporary immersion)
  • The VerifEye® Video Borescope Camera Control Unit (CCU) is rated IPx4 (protected against splashing water)

New SPD Model coming in early 2020:

  • 1.2-meter inspection unit designed specifically for SPD.
  • Ease of use inspecting shorter lumens.
  • Still offering the current 1.9-meter inspection unit for longer lumens.


Watch the VerifEye® Video Borescope in action by clicking here.

This video demonstrates the benefits of the STERIS IMS VerifEye® Video Borescope, a device that allows you to examine the full length of each lumen inside your equipment. High-resolution visualization of previously inaccessible areas gives you the ability to inspect your instruments, cannulas, and lumens for damage and residual bioburden more effectively. This gives you the opportunity to take necessary corrective action, if needed, before your next procedure.  Minimize patient risk by enhancing your visual inspection.

The VerifEye® will connect to any HD monitor with an HDMI cable without the need of a computer. The warranty period on the Inspection Unit and the Camera Control Unit has been updated to cover a full year.


You asked. We listened. Take advantage of this new and improved product and order today. Find our VerifEye order form on the products page. 

Want to get more information or schedule a demo?  Call 800-783-9251 or email