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Coming Clean Between SPD and OR

Contaminated surgical instruments have made the ECRI’s top ten list again for 2019

The need for SPD and the OR to work closely on their processes cannot be stressed enough. Contaminated surgical instruments have made the ECRI’s top ten list again for 2019. The ECRI’s database contains thousands of events related to this topic between 2015-2017. The failure mode ranged from IUSS to bioburden, to human factor.

Collaboration is the act of working instrumentally on an intellectual endeavor in which one is not immediately connected. By working closely together and continuing to ask WHY our industry can overcome many of the process and people factors.

Process factors continue to be the same, year-after-year:

Never allow a new product/instrument/tray set into your facility without proper input on whether it can be properly sterilized

  • Form a strong committee to set the bylaws on how the product/instrument/tray sets enters the facility
  • Set time tables for education, training, scheduling and arrivals
  • Mandate the IFU to arrive every time product/instrument/tray set enters your facility
  • Always monitor the data (how often is it used, are the rules being followed, is there a constant issue, etc.) to utilize implementing changes if needed

By forming a partnership between SPD and OR, our industry can continue to overcome the “people factor.” Issues such as insufficient staff, pay scales, turnover rates, and career advancement can be discussed on a larger scale. Additionally, collaboration could solve some of these on a short-term basis. Collaboration may also uncover other issues or solutions that working in a silo failed to do.

Please see the attached article from OR Manager on this topic of “Coming Clean”

Gabe Cox, RN, MSN, MBA, CNOR – Director of Educational Compliance

As the Patients Advocate, Gabe Cox serves to train and educate STERIS IMS’s Customers and sales teams on all aspects of Operating Room and Gastroenterology suites. She consults for healthcare facilities, group purchasing organizations, and other health-related industries. Gabe sits on AAMI committees relative to medical instrumentation. Gabe is a member of SGNA, AORN, and APIC. She is CNOR certified and holds her Master’s in Nursing and Business. She has 20 years of Operating Room and GI experience, national procurement contracting, group purchasing, implementation, and materials management.